Oulton Manse

Location: Hall Road, Oulton, NR11 6NU; how to find us

Oulton Manse was built in 1784 to accommodate the minister for the adjacent chapel, and is listed grade II.

The house was acquired by the Trust in 1990 at the same time as the chapel, with an attached long-term tenancy agreement. Initial repairs were carried out for the tenants at that time, including provision of bathroom facilities.

In 2001 the house became vacant, and this enabled the Trust to carry out more extensive repairs to the building during 2001/2002.

This included repairs to all the timber sash windows, repairs to brickwork, and redecorating with traditional lime washes and linseed oil paint. The house is let to tenants who participate in the day to day care of the adjacent chapel.

Before the repair works:

After the repair works: